Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Word building

Learning vocabulary and building words

You need to have a vocabulary notebook, in which you write all the new words you discover. These could be words that you read, or hear or that someone tells you. Rule up your notebook like this...
(Note these are examples.)
New word Part of speech Meaning Use in a sentence
Jellyfish Noun A small sea animal that
usually or often has a
dangerous sting.
When Peter went
diving in Australia he
thought that the
jellyfish were beautiful
but he avoided them
Beautify Verb To make something
(usually a house or
garden) look better
When Sarah and David
bought their new
house, Sarah bought
lots of new plants to
beautify her garden
Trustworthy Adjective Having the quality of
being worth trusting
Sarah has faith in her
accountant, she knows he
is trustworthy
Word building
Root word = trust (noun)
trustworthy (adjective)
untrustworthy (adjective)
+ another suffix
untrustworthiness (noun)
Now, add either a suffix or a prefix to the following words, to make a new word.
1 point for 1 new word, 2 points if you can think of another...
Question: can you add a prefix to a verb? Yes/No/Sometimes
1. __spoil_
2. peace___
3. danger___
4. risk_
5. __sure__

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